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Part 1 – Network Marketing is a Scam 2.0

Original Scam Audio Training Program


Part 2 – A Critical Message for Network Marketers Today

In this video, Dale and America’s #1 Network Marketing Historian Ron Henley will give you insights into the Network Marketing Profession today, and why some people have more upside potential NOW than at any other time in Network Marketing History.

Part 3 – 5 Core Fundamentals of Network Marketing

The 5 Core Systems is all you ever need to learn to build a large duplicating organization.

Part 4 – The Road to $10,000 a Month in Network Marketing

This is the predictable ROAD to $10,000 + per month in network marketing. When Dale was building team he developed more $10,000+ income earners than any network marketing teacher, trainer, guru, in the world. This is the blue print and the path.

Part 5 – Your Best Move Now

I hope you have found the information in this course insightful and valuable. I sincerely believe there is more upside potential right now with the network marketing business model than at any other time over the past 50 years. For those who see the Big Picture, you understand your long-term success is in direct proportion to the number of leaders you develop on your team.

So the logical question is where do you go from here?

We hope this video provides you a clear direction…

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